Jesslyn Redmond

Jesslyn has a love for all genres, but her first love is Rock. It was Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album that really opened the door to a world of hard-hitting drums and face-melting guitar riffs, and it was from that moment on that there was no going back. Other rock greats that have captivated her rocker soul include the pounding double-bass of Mudvayne, the scorching vocals of Corey Taylor in Slipknot, and lest we not forgot the nu-metal masterpiece fronted by Chester Bennington (RIP) that we’ll always know as Linkin Park. Today, her list of favorites is so long that there’s simply no point in listing them all – and it extends way beyond the rock genre, catapulting from one extreme to the other. On Monday, she could be listening to Manson. On Friday, it might be Kayzo. You just never know. And to her, that’s what makes the world of music so damn great.