Introducing: Sometimes Chad

Fort Lauderdale has a gem for your listening ears, and it comes in the form of a duo called Sometimes Chad. A combination of grunge, synth rock, and indie, members Rex (guitars/vox) and Ben (drums/synth) take down the sugar-coated veil over life and talk about the realness that it entails: the angers, the hurts, and everything in between.

Gearing up to release the music video to “Semblance,” the first single off their five-song EP, Rex explains the backstory to the song:

“A little over a year ago my sister passed away. I didn’t know her all that well because she went to live with her biological dad when I was really young. After she died my mom would tell me stories about how when I was a baby, and I’d cry in the middle of the night, my sister would go into my room and take care of me and put me back to sleep in her room. I have a young son, and the thought of how much she must have loved me, to be 8 years old and taking care of a crying baby in the middle of the night, and to think that I hardly knew her, really makes me ache like hell for what few memories I do have of us together. This is a song about wanting so bad to go back in time and experience a relationship I had to hear about years later when it was too late.”

Check out “Semblance” below:

The video for “Semblance” is due to drop on 7/5/19.




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