Pop Duo GONE SUGAR DIE Create A Synth Dance Party With “Heartbreak Jewelry”

Summer has arrived, but it hasn’t come alone. Coming in just as fierce as the sweltering heat from the sun also arrive two musicians who just want to make people dance. And make the people dance, they shall.

Sure, this duo has both passion and ambition, but they also have experience creating music. Before GSD, Patrick McWilliams was the lead vocalist and keyboardist for The Cut Losses, a band that gained 100,000 Spotify streams in just 3 days. Mike Hindert is no stranger to the music industry either, as he might be better known as the bassist of alt-rock group, The Bravery.

McWilliams had sent his own music in to Merrifield Records, owned by Hindert. Once Mike heard it, the two connected and thus emerged Gone Sugar Die – a party pop melody machine that screams “I JUST WANT TO DANCE!”

With their track “Heartbreak Jewelry”, GSD has provided the masses with a Summer Anthem that’s sure to hit numerous playlists (and if it’s not on yours, get it). Anthony Burulcich, drummer for The Bravery, brought in his skill for the song. Producer and Guitarist Marshall Gallagher, who has also worked with the likes of 3OH!3, also contributed. Loaded with heavy synth, smoothly laid-out drum beats, awesome guitar riffs, and vocals that hit all the right notes, it’d be a shame for anyone to miss out (the lyrics themselves don’t exactly scream ‘sunshine and rainbows’ but the music itself makes up for that).

One thing on your to-do list this summer? Check out Gone Sugar Die.




About Jesslyn@Rock|Life

I'm Jesslyn and I am the Managing Editor for Rock Life Magazine. Also, I like loud noises.

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