The Inevitable Reign of Fame on Fire

Stop what you’re doing and crank up the volume, because Fame on Fire just made Kurt Cobain proud.

Bold statement, right?

Of course it is. And below is where I’ll prove my point. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Armed with energy, raw talent, and their own unique sound (which you can check out below), this is a band that doesn’t stop working and it shows. With each track they release, they seemingly get better and better. As they continue to fine-tune their craftsmanship and skill, the FOF fanbase cannot wait to see what the rest of 2019 has in store for these guys of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Keep rockin’ out, guys!

About Jesslyn@Rock|Life

I'm Jesslyn - I have a dog, 4 children (that includes my husband), and a love for all genres of music.

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